so you believe the big bang theory? read this .

OH BUT the things that are lied about in the schools is what those people that mock God , for instance? well first of all, the singularity of an explosion that created all thing here on earth. They claim that the creation of everything in the universe was from a big bang= what does that mean? well, the way i understand it to mean is that there was a single point , one single point (singularity) explosion. I am thinking a single point explosion? how? isn’t there to be two chemicals to form an reaction ? in this case , gas . ok hydrogen gas, and what else caused the reaction of an explosion? dust? gas and dust. I just recently read an article where now the scientist say everything that was made in the entire universe was the result from gas and dust . ( God created Man from the dust and breathed in his nose and man was quickened <– quickened means made alive)

well, hmmm .. that's what they are saying now. but the big bang . there was only one point hence single, that caused an explosion the ultimately created everything. animals, water, ground, food, people, buildings, caves, dogs , cats, planets, moons. suns, math, etc,, 'EVERYTHING' . OK .. but how did a single point explode? don't you need 2 things to get a reaction like an explosion? I looked it up and

here it speaks of a single displacement of a reaction, but as you read further it list there being two chemicals at the beginning of the single displacement or substitution Reaction, but nonetheless there are two different chemicals needed for a reaction or more than two.

Single Displacement or Substitution Reaction
A substitution or single displacement reaction is characterized by one element being displaced from a compound by another element.

A + BC ? AC + B

An example of a substitution reaction occurs when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid. The zinc replaces the hydrogen:

Zn + 2 HCl ? ZnCl2 + H2

A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another.

wiki again makes it clear that in order to have a chemical reaction you must have one set to another set
meaning for any reaction to happen you would need more than one single point explosion.
When i think of explosion i think about there must have been a reaction to cause the explosion and yet the big bang that is taught in schools only one single point made that explosion( you could say that the reaction happened between gas and some source of heat to cause a reaction, but remember during that big bang the sun was not in existence yet) that in turn everything magically came into existence. this just does not make sense whatsoever. But those of us that believe that there is an intelligent God creating everything are senseless and uneducated. then you have others that tell people this earth is only 6000 years old, and that is nonsense as well.

anyways, the big bang single point explosion makes much more sense. NO wait..

Lets look at it like this. There were many times explosions on earth . Either man induced or natural like a volcano explosion, has there ever been an explosion that created people? or plants? animals? suns? moons? no i have not seen this happen. The only thing that I see a explosion create, is destruction, destruction can not make plants people or planets, but this is what most people are brainwashed in school as to what made creation. ok. so the big bang created everything living so it must also have created evolution, a theory .. Its only a theory. survival of the fittest, not even Darwin believed HIS own theory, he believed in GOD. Darwin believed in GOD he wasn't an atheist at all. In fact , not many people were during that time period. i could list a series of things that I believe in but this is about trying to make sense of the nonsensical pile of dung single point explosion creating everything.

if anyone gets all upset . tough cookies. que sera sera thats the way the cookie crumbles.
And now everyone thinks that the global warming is viable. Its a lie people. I guess i was the only person in the world that remembers watching a special on a public broadcasting service, about how "they" are getting rid of highly toxic and heat capable chemicals from Nuclear Plants being buried-or stacked up at the polar ice caps. I remember that show, and it was way before Quale thought up global warming to rip off money from well intention, ignorant (not knowing) people that believes that politicians and puts all their trust into a man. Instead of God. its a crying shame that people spread lies so easily and the public gobbles it all up. WOW, man! People much rather believe in fairy tales then to God and study his word.

There are so many false doctrines and false religions, and false prophets (teachers) that really have no clue to what the God truth is. Thankfully , there are some, not many but some and there are still some of Gods True People that have spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear HIM as he meant it to be. One last comment , Do you know where Jesus was born? In Bethlehem, that is where? what location is that?
Middle East, ok, now do you know that apples do not grow in the Middle East. Aren't you aware of that little piece of knowledge? Are you also aware of the fact that the Garden of Eden was like Iran or Iraq? i think i am remembering correctly. Apples never grew in the middle east, figs do though. Adam and Eve didn't make fig leaf aprons to cover their mouths as if they had just eaten an nonexistent fruit that's grown locally in the Middle East, they covered what? I think you know that answer. But i am not writing this about God , just bringing up that most of the educated people of the world believes a lie, the big bang. This is truly amazing to me and the other educated people of Christian Nations and the Nethinims have made Christ a scorned word.